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Jewellery Valuation Services

independent valuations, consultations and advice

All valuations and consultations for private clients are carried out in the Surety Valuations office and gemmological laboratory in Perth. Service is also available via participating jewellers in Scotland.


Appraisal and valuation of jewellery, diamonds, gemstones and pearls - This researched and bound documentation provides an unbiased and solid foundation for your intended purpose, which may include:

  • Insurance Replacement
  • Confirmation of Will (settlement of probate)
  • Other purposes based on Open Market value (e.g. Liquidation, Equitable Distribution)
  • Capital Gains Assessment

Upon arrival for your appointment, Adrian cleans your items thoroughly, the identification, assessment, and grading work starts immediately. Values are then researched and calculated, followed by photography and report writing. You will leave the office with your jewellery and a comprehensive, accurate valuation report.

Typically valuations are charged on a per-item basis. See the Cost of Jewellery Valuation page.

Jewellery Assessments

Item Assessment Consultations - This is a free service intended to identify which of your items require a valuation and to provide a clear plan of action for you to follow if you wish. If work is needed, Adrian will supply an estimate of charges for your consideration.

Post-Loss Assessments - If you lose an insured item that doesn't have a valuation, you will be disadvantaged, but a Post-Loss Assessment may help. Adrian recommends that your preferred jeweller creates an "insurance letter" for your insurer. Jewellers have stock that you can compare to your lost item and supply it if your claim is successful. There are situations where it is advantageous having Surety Valuations carry out your post-loss assessment. Adrian will be delighted to assist you, of course.

Pre-Purchase Report - This type of report allows you or your vendor to submit a proposed purchase for a full inspection before committing to buying it. Surety supply a thorough appraisal of the item, including data that may affect your buying decision. Data will include gem identification and grade assessments, metal testing and identifying the method of manufacture, condition statements. Please note that this report will not contain a value.


Consultations - In some circumstances, a full report is not needed, sometimes you may require a little guidance or advice. Surety charge by the hour for consultations. Popular scenarios include:

  • Pre-litigation advice
  • Equitable distribution of jewellery among family members
  • Sorting an inherited collection where no knowledge of the items exists
  • Mediation in contentious situations with retailers, online sellers, insurance companies or family members

Gemmological Services

Gem Identification - Surety has a fully equipped gemstone and diamond testing laboratory capable of identifying the species and variety of all gemstones.

Lab Grown Diamonds - Definitive identification of synthetic (laboratory-grown) diamonds requires advanced instrumentation and knowledge. Surety Valuations has the most advanced gem testing equipment in Scotland and can identify lab-grown diamonds and even determine the nature of the process used (HPHT or CVD).

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