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Jewellery Valuation Fees

ethical charging policy


Report Fee - £105 - A report fee is charged plus a fee per item, as noted below. The report fee covers the cost of setting up your files, the report, the Data Card, the initial consultation and cleaning your jewellery. This fee remains constant, irrespective of the quantity of jewellery.

Gem-set Jewellery - £100 - These contain gemstones or diamonds. These items probably represent 85% of the jewellery that Surety appraise and value. Whether the piece is worth a few hundred or several thousand pounds, the price remains the same.

Non-Gem-Set Jewellery - £63 - These all-metal items without any gemstones are charged at a lower rate, as gem testing and grading procedures are not required.

Grouped Items - £100 - Items of lower value, say £750 replacement value and below, are grouped under one heading. Grouped items have a briefer description, individual values and a total value for the group. Surety charge £95 per group with a maximum of 10 items per group. This grouping of lower value pieces supports their belief that, for your protection, all your jewellery should be catalogued and photographed.

Premium Items - From £142 - These items contain larger single diamonds.

Exceptional Jewellery - £210 upwards - Exceptional items are charged at a higher fee because they require additional research, risk, work, time or analysis. Examples include larger diamonds that need plotting, very high value items of jewellery that require extraordinary research, pieces with numerous gemstones of various species. Typically, exceptional items cost between £210 -£400 each.

We now have peace of mind and ironically saved money on our insurance too.

R & K Taylor, Aberdeen

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The above fees apply to most valuation purposes. Grouped Items' criteria can be different and case-dependent for Confirmation of Will reports (also known as valuations for Probate and Inheritance Tax). Capital Gains Assessment and Loan Security Valuations can have special conditions that can alter the price.

Out-of-hours Service

Charges for work performed outside weekdays 9am to 5pm is at normal rates plus a one-off £55 out-of-hours fee.


Surety doos not sell or arrange insurance for your jewellery, but suggest that you explore these Specialist Jewellery Insurance Companies.

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