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Independent Jewellery Valuer & Gemmologist

surety valuations by adrian smith

Surety is Scotland's premier jewellery appraisal & valuation service and gemmological laboratory, providing same-day valuations and consultations from their office in Perth.
Surety is genuinely independent; they do not buy, sell or broker any jewellery, gemstones or diamonds. You can be sure of a completely objective and unbiased valuation of your precious items.

Appraisal reports for all purposes: Valuations for Insurance, Confirmation of Will (Probate), Capital Gains Assessment, Fair Open Market, Sale Between Parties, Pre-Purchase Assessment etc.

Adrian Smith - Jewellery Valuer

Fees for all valuations are on a per-item basis. The total cost of your appraisal report is quoted up-front with no hidden extras.

Surety has the most comprehensively equipped laboratory dedicated to gemstone identification and quality grading in Scotland. It is one of only a few gem labs in the UK that can positively identify lab-grown diamonds. Using its advanced instrumentation, Surety also offers these gemmological and valuation services to private clients from Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Stirling, and jewellers throughout Scotland.

Contact Adrian at Surety Valuations now for an instant quote or discuss how Surety can be of service to you.

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